Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just me and Maggie

Well, it's just me and Maggie hanging out together today. She's mostly napping and playing with her squeekie toy. I am working on my football-along donation assignment. I had some Super Saver camouflage yarn in my stash and decided to use that instead of one of my teams' colors. I really didn't want to go shopping today so I think that being patriotic should be an acceptable alternative.
I also am going to do some web searching for different sizes of split rings in order to make some sets of stitch markers. I'm using the set of Zeccas and their interchangeable rings as my inspiration.
Also on my needles is a Sirdar sweater pattern for the For Me?! knitalong. Again, I didn't want to go shopping so I have 198 stitches shoved on to some straight 10 1/2 needles. It was fine for the 3 rows of garter stitch but I'm not going to be able to enjoy watching the pattern develop on something so narrow. My goal is to finish this project before I go back to school. It is looming out there and I like my countdown calendar seen below.

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