Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I am the Corpse Bride

You scored as The Corpse Bride,

The Corpse Bride


Charlie and The Chocolate Factory


The Nightmare Before Christmas


Edward Scissorhands


Pee Wee's Big Adventure


What Tim Burton movie do you belong in?
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True story. Swear.
Phone ringing...
Jen: Hello
nice lady: Hello. Helena, you sound horrible. Are you feeling okay, dear?
Jen: Sorry, this is not Helena. This is Jennifer.
nice lady: Oh, is this the Burton residence?
Jen: No, sorry you have the wrong number. You've reached the (name changed to protect the innocent) home.
nice lady: Oh, I am sorry. I have used the wrong speed dial button again. No wonder I didn't recognize your voice. You are the housesitter. Sorry to bother you.
Jen: No bother. Good-bye.
nice lady: Bye.

Burton residence???? Helena???? She thought I was Helena Bonham-Carter? Shut up! I should have looked through their address book and found Tim Burton's phone number and address. I am a huge fan.

Edward Scissorhands is my favorite but I don't mind being the Bride.

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